Annual Report 2017-2018

Explore the triumphs, challenges, and opportunities that the Beaumont Housing Authority experienced in 2017 and 2018. With a new director and new ventures on the horizon, BHA has much to celebrate as we head towards a new year.

A New Season of Hope

Despite the many changes and challenges from 2017 and 2018, the Beaumont Housing Authority (BHA) has gained great momentum and it’s just the beginning.

See below for a snapshot of our achievements in 2017 and 2018:

  • Longtime Executive Director Robert L. Reyna Retired
    Reyna successfully served as the Executive Director for BHA for more than 15 years, and spent over 40 years in the affordable housing industry
  • Board of Commissioners Appoint New Executive Director
    Allison Landrum has over 20 years of experience in affordable housing, including 15 years of service at BHA
  • BHA begins construction of single family homes for purchase
    Regent II includes 87 lots where buyers can custom build their own home through local builder DRC Homes
  • Housing Choice Voucher Program Receives High Performer Designation
    This status is assigned by HUD when a program is rated highly through the Section Eight Management Assistance Program (SEMAP) scoring system
  • BHA Continues Successful Partnership with Region 5 Educational Service Center
    This partnership offers free GED, Adult Basic Education, Literacy and Workforce Skills classes
  • BHA partners with the City of Beaumont to provide Summer Lunch Program
    Over 400 youth received free nutritious meals each summer
  • Client Services Team added over 40 families to the Family Self Sufficiency Program
    The FSS program now serves over 100 families, and provides access to services to help families move towards self sufficiency and homeownership

From the Director

On behalf of everyone at the Beaumont Housing Authority, I welcome you to view our digital annual report for the 2017 – 2018 term.

At BHA, we pride ourselves on providing more than just four walls and a roof, but also services and support to help families move “in, up, and out” into stable housing. This annual report helps shed a little light on the stories behind the numbers.

As the new Executive Director, I feel it’s important to continue the terrific momentum established under Robert Reyna (my predecessor), and I’m excited for what’s ahead.

We are pleased to share this with you and we welcome you to join us on our journey to bring more affordable housing to Southeast Texas.

Allison Landrum
Executive Director

Hurricane Harvey

As one of the most devastating storms in Texas history, Hurricane Harvey hit Beaumont and Southeast Texas with a cataclysmic smash. On August 29th, 2017 the category 4 storm struck with 130 mph winds and rain.

An estimated 64,000 homes throughout Southeast Texas were flooded after 40+ inches of rain fell for several days.1

In one day alone, the Beaumont-Port Arthur area registered 26.03 inches of rain, doubling its previous record from 1923. This even exceeded the most rain in any previous MONTH on record (22.75 inches in 1902).2

The storm’s wrath affected many clients and properties of the Beaumont Housing Authority.  Many of the housing units suffered roof or ceiling damage from wind and heavy rain.

  • Over 30 homes in the scattered sites inventory received intensive damage because of water infiltration.
  • 95 units at Regent I suffered interior damage. All roofs suffered some damage.
  • 71 units at Pointe North suffered interior damage. All roofs suffered some damage, as well as some exterior components.
  • 11 units at The Crossing suffered interior damage, mainly from water infiltration near the windows.
  • 5 units at Northridge Manor suffered interior damage, mainly to the ceiling areas.
  • 72 units at Lexington had interior damage, and the entire property suffered exterior damage.

The BHA action plan for recovery was executed with strength, speed, and teamwork. The camaraderie among clients, employees, city workers, and neighbors lifted spirits and launched progress for so many. We are so proud of the work and selflessness of our community.

Grants & Awards

The Beaumont Housing Authority works hard to pool resources and seek out support and opportunities for our families.

“We essentially compete against other housing agencies from larger markets, many with larger budgets and more resources. So to win recognition and receive these financial grants are real accomplishments. Not just for us and our clients, but for the city of Beaumont as well,” says Allison Landrum, Executive Director.

The 2017 – 2018 season has produced some great victories for BHA.

Select and view for more info on these grants and awards:

BHA has been awarded a Resident Opportunities for Self Sufficiency (ROSS) grant totaling $206,235

This grant provides social and supportive services to families living in public housing.

The ROSS grant program serves residents in making the transition from welfare to work. ROSS program services include educational and job training, job placement, and supportive services such as transportation and child care.

Rosette Cole, ROSS Coordinator with BHA, says, “We are so blessed to receive this grant. Our residents are so deserving of such critical services. We’ve seen such tremendous things with this grant program and look forward to serving even more families in the years to come.”

The U.S. Department of Housing Urban Development awarded $84,734 to the Beaumont Housing Authority to continue their successful Family Self Sufficiency Program.

This grant allows BHA to retain service coordinators who work directly with residents in the Public Housing and Section 8 programs to connect them with a comprehensive array of services that help the family move towards self sufficiency. These services include job training and education, job search and placement, life skills training, youth enrichment and homeownership and asset building assistance.

Participants in the program sign a five year contract that requires the head of household to obtain employment and no longer receive welfare assistance at the end of the five year term. As the family’s income rises, a portion of that increased income is deposited in an escrow account. When the family successfully completes their contract, the family receives the escrow funds that can be used for any purpose, including paying educational expenses, starting a business or purchasing a home.

“This grant has a tremendous impact not just on the families in our programs – it also infuses the City of Beaumont with newly educated and trained job seekers as well as helps families move out of federally assisted housing programs into unassisted homeownership”, said Executive Director Allison Landrum.

BHA has seen outstanding growth in the HOPWA Program.

We’ve received our final Quality Compliance Review report for the HOPWA Grant. This review covered both programmatic and financial areas of HOPWA. The letter indicated no findings, and that we are in full compliance with the grant requirements. Auditors were complimentary of our management of the first year of the grant and the growth in caseload.

The contract for HOPWA has been renewed for $265,924, which is a slight increase over last year. We currently have over 100 clients on the HOPWA waiting list, and the 2018 funding is fully committed to the clients we are currently serving.

In working with The Resource Group, BHA secured an additional $40,000 in funding for the HOPWA Program, running from April 2017 – January 2018. This produced a grand total of the grant to $181,000.

HOPWA (Housing Opportunities for Persons with HIV/AIDS) provides resources to help meet housing needs of low income persons living with HIV/AIDS and their families. HOPWA offers housing assistance and supportive services to reduce the risk of homelessness and includes connections to medical care, mental health treatment, chemical dependency treatment, nutritional services and more.

The Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program (VITA) is an important program for our agency. We finalized our agreement with Lamar University in Beaumont, Tx to provide VITA at the NRC again this year.

Total Total Refund
2017 464 511,724
2018 541 574,325

Who Do We Serve?

  • BHA serves almost 1,400 individuals through our Public Housing Program. BHA also serves over 4,100 individuals through the Housing Choice Voucher Program. An additional 1,700 individuals are housed through other ancillary programs operated by BHA. Combined, BHA provides affordable housing to over 7,200 individuals and has an annual operating budget of $20,745,606.
  • 30% of our tenant population is elderly or disabled.
  • 56% of BHA tenants are families with children.
  • Statistics show that we can expect a continued rise in applications for housing as more “baby boomers” reach retirement age and must find affordable housing that suits their fixed incomes
  • The average length of stay in our program is 4 years

Upgrades to BHA Portfolio

The Crossing

Received exterior improvements including new paint

Grand Pine Courts

Improved storm drainage
Completed interior upgrades to the flooring, countertops, and water heaters

Lexington on the Lake

Completed interior improvements including:

  • Flooring
  • Countertops
  • Water Heaters
  • HVAC
  • Interior Painting

Northridge Manor

New Lift Station Installed
New Signage
Interior improvements including:

  • Flooring
  • Cabinets
  • Countertops
  • Water Heaters
  • HVAC

Pointe North

Interior Upgrades Including:

  • Flooring
  • HVAC

Regent I

New Lift Station Installed
Interior Upgrades Including:

  • Flooring
  • HVAC

Scattered Sites

Interior Upgrades Including:

  • New flooring
  • Countertops
  • HVAC
  • Water Heaters
  • New bath fixtures
  • Refrigerators and stoves

Ceiling Fans and Light Fixtures

Tracewoods I & II

Upgraded exterior stairs
Interior Upgrades Including:

  • Flooring
  • Countertops
  • Water Heaters

Client Success with Family Self-Sufficiency

Tracy Lewis is the proud new owner of a beautiful home in Beaumont. Through hard work, personal commitment, and consistent participation in the program, she’s an ideal example of how individuals and families become homeowners through FSS with the BHA.

“I was pregnant with my daughter at the time and trying to learn all I could about owning a house,” she says. “I didn’t even know about the FSS program until Mrs. Judy (Landry) of the BHA office informed me of it and said I qualified. She encouraged me.”

The two teamed up and formed an action plan. They began by setting goals and then took steps for staying the course. “Setting the goals to achieve made it easier… it wasn’t overwhelming,” says Ms. Lewis.

The process took about four years until she felt she could make the down payment and furnish the house. In the summer of 2019, she moved into her new home with a bright new future.

Ms. Lewis enthusiastically recommends the FSS program to others and stresses the importance of asking questions, seeking opportunities, and sticking with it. “Do anything you can to further your financial literacy. And don’t just stop at the FSS because there are other programs you can benefit from, like the iOwn 19. This includes learning to set up savings, planning, credit…the A-to-Z to buy a home. This worked for me and can work for anyone,” she suggests.

The BHA is proud to be a part of Ms. Lewis’ success story. We congratulate her and her daughter on their new house, and we look forward to great things ahead.


Back to School Bash

Every year, BHA looks to serve our families in a variety of ways and celebrate our community. Our staff and valued partners are always excited to encourage children and support them in education.

With the new school year in 2018, BHA held a wonderful event to do just that. Our BACK TO SCHOOL BASH was a huge success in bringing approximately 400 people together and getting children excited and equipped for a new school year.

With folders, binders, educational supplies, backpacks, and books, many children walked away with smiles of excitement. We are especially proud of our parents and involved participants that help support and serve our youth.

“400 people in attendance is an outstanding turnout, and we know these kids love getting new, fresh supplies to start the school year off right,” says Diamond Brantley, Communications Coordinator. “We hope this adds to their confidence in the classroom. It’s important to them, it’s important to us.”

Retirement for Reyna

After 40 years of his illustrious career, Robert Reyna announced his retirement with much to celebrate and a legacy of leadership for BHA to last for generations to come.

Robert Reyna, a Dallas native, knows public housing inside and out.

Aside from successfully working in public housing agencies for years from San Diego, Fort Worth, Houston and finally Beaumont, Reyna had the experience of living in public housing through high school. This equipped him with an added perspective to complement his relentless passion of public service.

He has said that working in public housing is “what I was meant to do.”

Before his arrival in 2003, the Beaumont Housing Authority was in a state of financial struggle and a scandalous public relations challenge. BHA was in receivership and federal agencies were investing tax dollars abusively spent. Then Reyna took over the Executive Director position, and went to work.

Our motivation is to help people IN, UP, and OUT,” he says as though it were a professional and personal mantra.

Reyna describes the principles of public housing (through HUD and housing authority agencies) to serve as a foundational support designed to help launch individuals and families into better living situations that set them up for success and self-sufficiency.

We do things right, for the right reasons,” Reyna says as it applies to every level of service.

Within his first fourteen months, Reyna and the new and improved BHA found success, even gaining critical acclaim from city and government officials.

Reyna and his team solved problems starting with the lowest levels first and worked up, applying and receiving highly sought-after grants and federal funding as well as making savvy investments that led to incremental success. He orchestrated strategic public/private partnerships that resulted in $35+ million in construction for new developments.

After Hurricane Rita, BHA was awarded one of only four grants in the amount of $20 million, and then leveraged it to result in $34 million more. This launched a revitalization project that introduced a new 400-unit affordable housing property.

In 2009, Reyna was recognized as Executive Director of the Year by the Texas Chapter of NAHRO.

In September 2018, Reyna announced his plans to retire from his service at BHA.

“I could not have achieved so much success without the support of the Board, the staff and city officials. But most importantly, without the love and support of my wife, Rosemary.”

Mr. Reyna has left a monumental footprint on more than just the Beaumont Housing Authority. His tireless efforts, personal attention, and life-changing results have nurtured the city and its citizens.

A New Name for BHA Central Office

After Reyna’s retirement was publicized, the Board of Commissioners moved quickly to recognize the triumphant career and honor the beloved director.

On November 16, 2018, BHA announced the renaming of the central administration office—The Robert L. Reyna Administration Building.

The very building wherein Reyna swooped in to lead the housing authority out of from under receivership and into a headline-making, life-altering, driving force of success for so many individuals and families now bears his name.

Looking Ahead

As expected, BHA is facing challenges in funding and availability for housing. After Harvey, the waiting list has increased 173%. This is a top priority, but so many factors depend on government allocation of money and we know that Beaumont isn’t the only market vying for this attention. The lack of available land in high opportunity areas of Beaumont present a different challenge for building new housing and addressing the needs of so many.

The challenges have never kept BHA down, though. In fact, the future looks bright for BHA and its thriving community of residents, staff, partners, and friends.

Allison Landrum was named the new Executive Director at the close of 2018 (after Reyna’s official retirement date of Dec. 14, 2018).  Landrum was originally hired by Robert Reyna to work with him at the Houston Housing Authority over 20 years ago. Then in 2003, she joined Reyna here at the Beaumont Housing Authority when he took the reins.

As BHA’s former communications coordinator and grant development director, Landrum brings a wealth of successful experience directly in the field. The new Executive Director has a proven record of working through challenges and pulling people together for excellent results, including her roles in bringing $70+ million in funding for building affordable housing in Beaumont. Reyna is quick to point out how pivotal and important her role was in restoring confidence and success in BHA when they first took over, saying she worked with partners, vendors, government officials and more to reach goal after goal.

Landrum is a graduate of Stephen F. Austin State University with a B.S. in Communications. “I am excited to continue the Legacy that Reyna has left for the agency. We have a lot of work ahead of us, but we have much to be proud of and to celebrate. A lot is on the horizon.”

New Construction

Despite the challenge of getting funding and relief from Hurricane Harvey, 2019 has already started off strong with the commencement of construction of the Regent II subdivision, which includes 82 single-family lots for homeownership.

Landrum and BHA applied for and received Hurricane Harvey recovery funds to build two new properties along opposite ends of Major Drive. The new senior living units will be Century Heights while the new family complex will be Trinity Grove. Construction will begin in 2020 with completion scheduled for 2021.

With foundational elements in place, programs and supportive resources hard at work, and experience in position to lead and serve, the Beaumont Housing Authority looks forward to our next step in a new successful season—for healing, for helping, and for hope.


Consolidated Income Statement

Revenue20172018Increase (Decrease)
Tenant Revenue$3,013,838$3,311,219$297,381
Federal Grants & Subsidy$15,551,106$14,932,887($618,219)
Investment Income$172,254$284,657 $112,403
Other Income$786,512$2,216,843$1,430,331
Gain/Loss on Sale of Capital Assets
TOTAL REVENUE$19,523,710$20,745,606$1,221,896
Expenses20172018 Increase (Decrease)
Administration$2,893,881 $2,940,128 $46,247
Tenant Services$201,725 $243,754 $42,029
Utilities$664,273 $737,985 $73,712
Ordinary Maintenance$2,236,507 $1,707,774 ($528,733)
General Expense$1,724,340 $1,451,807 ($272,533)
Housing Assistance Payments (HAP)$10,827,987 $9,967,009 ($860,978)
Depreciation$1,389,176 $1,691,916 $302,740
Amortization$0 $0 $0
Interest$495,567 $451,342 ($44,225)
TOTAL OPERATING EXPENSES$20,433,456 $19,191,715 ($1,241,741)
INCREASE (DECREASE) IN NET POSITION($909,746)$1,553,891 $2,463,637

Annual Report in a Snap

Check out our BHA Infographic documenting 2017-2018.

Annual Report Snippet

Board Members

We appreciate our board members who are dedicated to serving our clients and our community.

Doug Landry, Chairman
Pastor Gary Cantue, Vice Chairman
Alma Garza-Cruz, Commissioner
Patti Merrell, Commissioner
Heather Bobb, Commissioner

Staff Members

We are so grateful for our dedicated staff members, who give lovingly of their time and talents to help further our goals.

  • Kenneth Ardoin
  • Gilles Aznavour
  • Daniel Barrera
  • Terry Bellard
  • LeQuishcia Bobb
  • Rashad Bowman
  • Diamond Brantley
  • Danetta Cameron
  • Robert W. Campbell
  • Wendy Carry-Hailey
  • Nancy Chavez
  • Rosette Cole
  • Miranda Coleman
  • Sharetha Cooper
  • Cynthia Dinkins
  • Acelynn Dispany
  • Jettis Domoneck
  • Shamica Egins
  • Michelle Elrod
  • Ashlynn Gallow
  • Lekesha Gans
  • Clarence Gray
  • Joe Guillory
  • LaTasha Hadnot
  • Charlie Hampton
  • Leonard James
  • Kylene Jenkins
  • Patrick Johnson
  • Allison Landrum
  • Judy Landry
  • Rolanda Mayo
  • Katherine Mitchell
  • Jeanette Morrow
  • Jamie Moss
  • Ashleigh Price
  • Robert Reyna
  • Michelle Richard
  • Renaldo Richard
  • Joyce Roach
  • John Scott
  • Tashmika Shelton
  • Freddie Smith
  • Larry Smith
  • Jacquelyn Sostand
  • Cherie Storey
  • David Taylor
  • Roger Taylor
  • Marqus White
  • Tammy Williams
  • Kimberly Wright