Annual Report 2019-2021

Review the facts and figures from our annual report of 2019-2021, and go beyond the data with our collection of insights, commentary, stories of success, and more. With much to celebrate and much more already in the works at BHA, the best is yet to come.

Upward Mobility with Unprecedented Momentum

The Beaumont Housing Authority (BHA) has continued to carry the strong momentum and dedication to success in this new season. BHA has not only survived the unpredictable and unprecedented events of 2019 – 2021, it has thrived with property sales and upgrades, new personal success stories, and more. With BHA full of proud achievements and new opportunities, we are pleased to share our annual report along with insights and highlights.

See below for some of our top headlines from the season.

  • Designated as a “High Performer” in SEMAP review
  • PHAS evaluation score of 86, earning a standard performer designation
  • Combined BHA waiting lists exceed 16,000 families
  • Waiting lists of up to 3 years for public housing and up to 5 years for HCV

From the Director

On behalf of everyone at the Beaumont Housing Authority, I welcome you to view our digital annual report for the 2017 – 2018 term.

At BHA, we pride ourselves on providing more than just four walls and a roof, but also services and support to help families move “in, up, and out” into stable housing. This annual report helps shed a little light on the stories behind the numbers.

As the new Executive Director, I feel it’s important to continue the terrific momentum established under Robert Reyna (my predecessor), and I’m excited for what’s ahead.

We are pleased to share this with you and we welcome you to join us on our journey to bring more affordable housing to Southeast Texas.

Allison Landrum
Executive Director

COVID & Our Community

For most of us, 2020 delivered experiences and events like we have never seen before, and BHA was no exception. With the Covid-19 pandemic came unpredictable amounts of change. From how to remain safely accessible to the needs of our community and servicing our residents, to caring for and safely accommodating our own staff, nearly every process at how BHA operated was to be modified. Our IT and operations staff quickly and securely deployed the following technology updates that allowed our staff to transition their roles from their desks to their homes.

  • We have upgraded all maintenance staff from flip phones to smartphones.  Their new phones will include a mobile Work Order system that will allow them to process work orders from their phone, eliminating the need for paper or trips back to the management office.
  • All central office staff were issued laptops that enabled them to remotely access client files and the agency software.  They were also issued smartphones with hotspot capability, to ensure they had internet access.
  • SecureSign software allows us to secure electronic signatures on all of our documents
  • Secured service that allows tenants to pay their rent online
  • Moved our phone system to the cloud, allowing our phones to become portable. Secured cybersecurity insurance to protect BHA from potential data loss, ransomware, attacks, etc.

Our staff quickly made the modifications needed to continue processing applications and serving our residents and BHA was able to continue without missing a beat. 2021 was sure to bring back a bit of normalcy, but rather forced us yet again to continue to adapt to the “new” normal. Our client services team had to become innovative and find creative ways to do their hands on jobs “hands off”, and while we did call back our office staff to normal, but distanced operations, our doors remained closed to the public for another entire year.

  • March 17th , shut down, staff returned to office full time May 4th (2020)
  • Eviction moratorium-prevented us from evicting residents due to non-payment of rent
  • CARES Act grant funding – we were awarded $231,025 for Public Housing and $538,267 for HCV to offset Covid related expenses
  • Mobile vaccination at elderly sites

Grants & Awards

The Beaumont Housing Authority works hard to pool resources and seek out support with opportunities for our families and individuals.

We make it our mission to achieve all we can through diligence, continued education, and putting our advantages to work within the system.

“We essentially compete against other housing agencies from larger markets, many with larger budgets and more resources. So to win recognition and receive these financial grants are real accomplishments. Not just for us and our clients, but for the city of Beaumont as well,” says Allison Landrum, Executive Director.

Despite many challenges, the past two seasons have produced some great victories for BHA.

Select and View for more info on these grants and awards:

When walking into the Robert L. Reyna Administration Building, home of the Beaumont Housing Authority, you instantly feel welcomed by the illuminating entrance and open , updated workplace. BHA recently renovated our office just in time for employees phasing back to work in preparation to reopen their doors to the public following closures due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The renovation planning exposed many deficiencies in the old building, including the poor and inconsistent lighting throughout, and the size of the project meant astronomical expense, so BHA quickly began researching grant opportunities for upgrades to the lighting system that would not only benefit our residents, but the employees that spend most of their time here.

“Entergy brought together two different departments to help the Beaumont Housing Authority retrofit its office from fluorescent lights to modern LED lights: The Entergy Environmental Initiatives Fund (EIF) and the Entergy Texas Commercial Solutions program. The EIF grant was able to provide the initial funding to start the lighting retrofit project and the Commercial Solutions program was able to reward the Beaumont Housing Authority for completing the energy efficiency project. In total, the Beaumont Housing Authority received $47,256.93 from Entergy, $40,414.00 from the EIF grant and $6,842.93 from the Commercial Solutions program.”

“I have macular degeneration disease in my eyes, so the lighting was harsh on my eyes and I would have to step out of the office many times a day which interrupted my productivity,” said Michelle Richard, an employee at the Beaumont Housing Authority. “Since the lighting has been upgraded, I can focus, stay productive and get my work done in a more comfortable and modernized office environment.”

“The new office lights will provide a better office environment for the employees, decrease their energy expenses, and help the environment,” said Mark Delavan, program manager of energy efficiency. “The project reduced their carbon footprint by equivalent to taking 21 cars off the road. We are excited to continue our partnership with the Beaumont Housing Authority.”

Research shows that characteristics of a physical office environment can greatly impact the way employees work and perceptions of service. Benefits of a brighter office space include an increase in productivity, lower safety incidents, and creates a positive effect on one’s well-being. Changing fluorescent lights to LED lights cuts costs by providing energy efficiency and upgrading the lights outside of the office building increases safety by enhancing visibility.

Thanks to this partnership, the Beaumont Housing Authority will be able to continue serving families in the area in a new and improved office space with modern, safe and updated lighting standards. Thanks, Entergy!

Service First

  • BHA owns and manages 992 affordable housing units
  • BHA owns 440 public rental units in 6 developments and scattered single family homes
  • BHA is adding an additional 108 units in 2021-2022
  • BHA has collaborated with private investors to build an additional 403 mixed finance units within 4 developments; Plus—in 2022, we will add 274 mixed finance units
  • BHA serves 900 individuals through our Public Housing Program.
  • BHA serves 4,252 individuals through the Housing Choice Voucher Program (HCV).
  • Serving nearly 2,000 families through the Housing Choice Voucher Program (HCV).

The average Public Housing family is:

  • Headed by a single black female; approx. 37 yrs old
  • Two children
  • Avg. HHI of $13,303/yr
  • 4 yrs – avg. length of stay in public housing program

The average HCV Program:

  • Headed by a single black female; approx. 42 yrs old
  • Two children
  • Avg. HHI of $11,995/yr
  • 7 yrs – avg. length of stay in HCV Program

Statistics show that we can expect a continued rise in applications for housing as more “baby boomers” reach retirement age and must find affordable housing that suits their fixed incomes.

BHA Client Services

Service Meets Safety

BHA offers more than brick and mortar housing. In addition to the provision of decent, affordable housing, BHA ensures the availability of services and programs that improve the quality of life for residents. Programs are designed to facilitate skills development and to promote upward mobility and self-sufficiency. The Client Services Department is responsible for expanding employment opportunities and skills training for BHA residents, responding to the individual social service needs of youths, families and seniors, and building the capacity of resident councils by providing training and technical assistance through one-on-one services, referrals, or events.

In year’s past, providing these services has been a 100% hands on effort by the Client Services team, but the pandemic forced the group to rethink just about every single program, event and training they provide for the residents, including the famous BHA Back to School Bash. Many industries suffered throughout the pandemic, especially service organizations like the BHA Client Services team. But regardless of the situation, the team knew they must rally to continue to provide the need, but safely not only for our residents and children, but for themselves as well.

“In every area, in every industry and for every need, a modification has been made to ensure that people continue to be taken care of. And at BHA, this is no different. We immediately began compiling updated lists of supplies, including shields, masks and hand sanitizers, and went to the drawing board to determine the safest way to reach our residents without putting any of us in an uncomfortable or unsafe situation. We modified the event to be a drive through pick up, and the five ladies that serve on the client services team went above and beyond, identified each child, and hand delivered packages directly to their doors for those that were not able to attend the scheduled pick up. Despite the challenges, we worked together and met the needs of these children, and we will always continue to find a way to do so,” said Heather Kugler, Vice President of Public Relations and Client Services.

The Back to School Bash was one of BHA’s most exciting and sought-after events that our residents looked forward to every summer. From bouncy houses to snow cones, the BHA Client Services team works tirelessly to organize and recruit partner donations from the community that put together and afternoon experience filled with fun and fellowship and provides approximately 500 children with backpacks filled with school supplies for the upcoming year. But as with most events, Covid-19 required Client Services head to the drawing board to fulfill the needs of our children in a new an innovative way.

Not only was the Back To School Bash modified for Covid-19 protocols, but nearly every service need and related event had to be re-thought, re-planned and restructured. From virtual bingo for our elderly residents, to Health-Fair-in-a-Bag, our client services team adjusted in every possible way to accommodate our residents. And among these adjustments included modifying our housekeeping classes to be moved to virtual, to ensure our residents are meeting the required housekeeping basics and keeping up with their training, to better their lives, the lives of their children and to simply love where they live.

And despite these changes, our residents and children were equally as excited to receive their services, their bags filled with folders, colors, glue, hand sanitizer or health care information and goodies, and created a newfound energy of returning to their activities in search of normalcy in such unpredictable times.

Landlord Incentive Program

The temporary program drew incentives to 27 landlords and gave us the ability to house 20 additional families. BHA dispersed over $37,000 in funding in support of the program to bring more affordable housing options to the Beaumont area.

Existing landlords were offered a $500 per unit payment for leasing a unit to a HCV participant, and in some instances, BHA offered a one-time rent affordability payment for voucher holders to offset rent affordability. BHA was able to execute this program due to funding from the CARES Act through the Department of Housing and Urban Development to promote new landlords’ relationships and to offer support to existing landlords. The temporary program drew in over XX new landlords to the program and gave us the ability to house over XX tenants. BHA dispersed over $XX in funding in support of the program to bring more affordable housing options to the Beaumont area.

Next Steps for BHA

BHA as well as the city of Beaumont are excited for the upcoming construction and completion of our new properties—Trinity Grove and Century Heights. The vision has been set and the pieces are in place for these two properties to be successful.

In 2022, Trinity Grove will house 192 units as a multi-family community. The new property will be located at 7110 HWY 105 in north Beaumont near the intersection of Hwy 105 & Major Drive. Trinity Grove will be built using a mixture of Hurricane Harvey Recovery Funding, Capital Fund Program funds, and private dollars. There will be a requirement that tenants ages 18+ be working, attending school/vocational training, or designated as elderly or disabled.

Century Heights will be built in 2022 as well using a mixture of Hurricane Harvey funding, Public Housing Reserves, and private dollars. The property will be a 200-unit senior living community (for those ages of 55+) located in west Beaumont at 8540 Phelan Boulevard.

Along with the new properties, BHA plans to complete the development of the 87 lot Region II subdivision while identifying funding solutions to complete the major renovations at Region I, Pointe North, and Northridge Manor.

Our goals for the upcoming term include the disposal of the remaining 64 scattered sites in our inventory, and to buy or build additional units in high opportunity areas to replace the 340 affordable units lost due to portfolio restructuring.

BHA continues to support programs that foster stable communities and provide affordable housing opportunities to low and moderate income individuals and families. Our mission of developing, attaining, nurturing, and furthering opportunities of upward mobility is not only extended, but strengthened by the outstanding achievements and momentum of our 2019 and 2020 terms.


Consolidated Income Statement

The Authority administers the following programs and the revenues generated from these programs during Fiscal Year Ended 2020 were as follows:

ProgramRevenues Generated
Public and Indian Housing (LIPH)$3,826,120
Public and Indian Housing CARES Act Funding$231,025
Family Self-Sufficiency Program$85,957
Section 8 Housing Choice Vouchers (HCV)$12,556,227
Section 8 Housing Choice Vouchers – CARES Act Funding$718,073
Section 8 New Construction (S8NC)$1,417,994
Public Housing Capital Fund Program (CFP)$1,929,322
Housing Opportunities for Persons with AIDS (HOPWA)$229,475
Resident Opportunity and Supportive Services$229,475
Central Office Cost Center (COCC)$93,110
Component Unit – Blended$10,791,580
Business Activities$1,105
Total Revenue$31,953,834

Total revenues for FY 2019 were $19,073,033 as compared to $31,953,834 of total revenues for FY 2020. Comparatively, FY 2020 revenues exceeded FY 2019 revenues by $12,910,801.

The Authority administers the following programs and the revenues generated from these programs during Fiscal Year Ended 2021 were as follows:

ProgramRevenues Generated
Public and Indian Housing (LIPH)$1,827,683
Family Self-Sufficiency Program$99,009
Section 8 Housing Choice Vouchers (HCV)$12,906,672
Section 8 Housing Choice Vouchers – CARES Act Funding$402,843
Section 8 New Construction (S8NC)$1,432,267
Public Housing Capital Fund Program (CFP)$1,126,879
Resident Opportunity and Supportive Services$25,640
Central Office Cost Center (COCC)$161,106
Component Unit – Blended$2,212,818
Business Activities$598
Total Revenue$20,195,515

Total revenues for FY 2020 were $31,953,834 as compared to $20,195,515 of total revenues for FY 2021. Comparatively, FY 2020 revenues exceeded FY 2021 revenues by $11,758,319. This decrease was primarily due to the Authority recognizing a gain on sale of fixed assets related to the Lexington on the Lake property in the amount of $10,439,235 during FY 2020. In FY 2021, a loss on sale of fixed assets was recognized in the amount of $539,611.

Annual Report in a Snap

Check out our BHA infographic documenting the 2019-2021 season.

Annual Report Snippet

Board Members

We appreciate our board members who are dedicated to serving our clients and our community.

As of 4/27/22

Doug Landry, Chairman
Patti Merrell, Vice-Chairman
Rev. Kennedy Andrews, Commissioner
Heather Bobb, Commissioner
Alma Garza-Cruz, Commissioner

Staff Members

We are so grateful for our dedicated staff members, who give lovingly of their time and talents to help further our goals.

Staff As of 4/29/22

Allison Landrum, Chief Executive Officer
Jettis Domoneck, Chief Administrative Officer
Joe Guillory, Vice President, Capital Programs
Jackie Sostand, Vice President, Asset Management & Assisted Programs
Sharetha Cooper, Vice President, Housing Programs
Heather Kugler, Vice President, Public Affairs and Resident Services
Dan Barrera, Vice President, Information Technology
Jennifer Gregory, Human Resources Officer
Brian Alten, BDO Accounting

  • Kenneth Ardoin
  • Gilles De-Rais Aznavour
  • Terry Bellard
  • Rashad Bowman
  • Danetta Cameron
  • Sharon Campbell
  • Nancy Chavez
  • LaTasha Cooley
  • Rosette Cole
  • Miranda Coleman
  • Aundrea Dabill
  • Cynthia Dinkins
  • Acelynn Dispany
  • Shamica Egins
  • Jazmin Galvan
  • Clarence Gray
  • Charlie Hampton
  • Hunter Harvey
  • Jaynae Jaquet
  • Leonard James
  • Judy Landry
  • Arbarnel Lewis
  • Wesley Lewis
  • Rolanda Mayo
  • Katherine Mitchell
  • Arnulfo Morales
  • Jeanette Morrow
  • Jamie Moss
  • Paula Nicholas
  • Melody Pogue
  • Shaquontae Reed
  • Michelle Richard
  • Renaldo Richard, Sr.
  • Joyce Roach
  • Madeline Scott
  • Larry Smith
  • Roger Taylor
  • David Taylor
  • Marqus White
  • Lekesha Williams
  • Tammy Williams
  • Angel Wilson